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Strong demand from China and EU countries drives Brazilian iron ore exports up sharply
Strong demand from China and EU countries drives Brazilian iron ore exports up sharply
Stainless Steel Coil
Turkey initiates the third anti-dumping sunset review investigation against China-related steel wire ropes and steel cables

Brazil Launches Anti-Dumping Sunset Review Investigation Against Seamless Non-Alloy Carbon Steel Pipes

Recently, the Brazilian Foreign Trade Secretariat issued an announcement in the Federal Government Gazette, deciding to initiate an anti-dumping sunset review investigation on seamless non-alloy carbon steel pipes originating in China. The Mercosur tax numbers of the products involved are 73043110, 73043190, 73043910, 73043920, and 73043990.

   Please refer to the following link for details of the case registration announcement:Https://pesquisa.in.gov.br/imprensa/jsp/visualiza/index.jsp?data=21/07/2021&jornal=515&pagina=291&totalArquivos=485 The original text of the complaint can be inquired through the following website:https://www.gov.br/produtividade-e-comericio-exterior/pt-br/asuuntos/comercio-exterior/defesa-comercial-e-interesse-publico/arquivos/peticoes/peticao-tubos-aco-sem- costura.zipFor the electronic version of the questionnaire, please refer to the following link: https://www.gov.br/productividade-e-comercio-exterior/pt-br/assuntos/comercio-exterior/defesa-comercial-e-interesse-publico/investigacoes/investigacoes-de-defesa-comercial



One Belt And One Road

Relevant answer sheets should be submitted through the Electronic System of the Pakistan Trade Protection Bureau (SDD) within 30 days. The answer sheets can be extended by up to 30 days, and applications must be made before expiration. 

The SDD website is http://decomdigital.mdic.gov.brList of sampled companies:GUANGDE DINGLI PRECISION STEEL TUBE CO., LTDJIANGSU SUNCO BOILER., LTDTIANJIN PIPE GROUP CORPORATION If you have any questions, you can contact the Pakistani investigation agency as follows:Email: tubosdeacorev@economia.gov.br