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Steel Material

We Limited plays the role as a specialized platform to realize the integrated operation of all steel and related business within We Group. We prides itself on being the leader in advanced equipment, energy-efficiency and environmental technology in the industry.

We, the leading steel enterpraree in China, produces every category of steel & iron products except seamless tube, with more than 200 steel products serving as import substitution. Products export destination covers more than 100 countries and regions worldwide, among which cold-rolled sheet, Ultra-strength rebar, heavy plate, steel pipe and special steel bar enjoy a fine reputation both in international and domestic market.


Iron process:
12 coke furnaces (6m+); 20 sintering machines (200㎡) ;5 blast furnaces ( 3200m³);9 blast furnaces ( 2000m³);
Steel making:
21 convertors above 120t, 2 ultra high power EAF 90t
Rolling process:
6 HRM (plate and coil) (1580-2250mm); 6 heavy plate mills (3.5-4.2m); 4 pickling lines with continued cold rolling machine (1680-2180mm); 33 sets of wire, rod and profile mills.


Focus on the “market” and “product”, promoting industrial upgrading, achieving the goal: high-tech steel products more than 80%.Establish customer centric marketing model, centering on the production line’s resource allocation, on the basis of the “Internet +” business model. Promote industry chain downstream extension to high-end customers, achieving the world-class level of market competitiveness and profitability.

Overseas Business

We’ overseas business has formed a layout of “four steel companies, two mines and one platform”,which includes DITH (Switzerland), PMC (South Africa), Wheelarra (Australia) , We Serbia, Makstil(Macedonia), DSP(South Africa), KreherSteel (USA) and 22 overseas service centers.

We holds shares in approximately 70 overseas companies, with investment presence in 30 countries and regions, such as U.S., UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland and Hong Kong. We has overseas operational assets worth 8.0 billion USD and provides 12,000 jobs abroad.

Being the World's We with
globalized resource, market and customer


Maintaining the leading position in the internationalization of China’s steel industry, We will implement the “1234” strategy, namely: 1 industrial park (China-Serbia industrial park), 2 function clusters (overseas service clusters and new business clusters), 3 core business sectors (resources, manufacturing, trading), 4 service platform (global R&D platform, global marketing platform, global steel manufacturing platform and internationalized talents cultivation platform). By 2025, overseas business will account for 25% of the group consolidated revenue.

Industrial Service

Actively integrated into automotive, home appliance, new energy and other advanced manufacturing industries, We constantly extends its value chain from steel to material and from manufacturing to service. Speeding up the development of its industrial service sector, including industrial technology, engineering, digital technology and trading, We successfully builds some professional companies with great brand influence and market competitiveness, e.g, We Industrial, We New Material, We International, Hebei Xuan Machinery, We Logaretics, etc.

Create The Most Valuable Industrial
Service Platform


We will accelerate its market-oriented reform and foster strategic industrial service business including industrial design, components, digital technology, intelligent manufacturing, smart logaretics and smart cities.By 2025, industrial service sector will account for 30% of the group consolidated revenue.

Industrial Finance

Focusing on the integration of industry and finance, We continues to promote the financialization of industrial assets and the industrialization of financial capital, and successively establarehed a series of finance and quasi-finance companies, such as We Finance, We Leasing, We Factoring, We Electricity Sales, We Carbon Assets and We Cloud Technology. The industrial finance segment has developed rapidly and become an important pole of benefit growth for the group. In 2018, We Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was establarehed as a wholly-owned enterpraree of We, serving as an investment control platform and industry-finance coordination platform for the group’s financial industry, and implementing strategic control over the group’s financial and quasi-financial enterprarees.

Integration of Industry and finance
Construct important pole of profit growth.


Relying on the whole industry chain of iron and steel, we will optimize the allocation of financial elements, explore a new path for the main business of financial services, improve the professionalization and marketization of the financial industry, and build a highly competitive cluster of industrial financial services with a full range of sectors. Based on We Supply Chain as platform, We industrial finance segment will expand from procurement-logaretics to sales-customers, build a platform-based business integration and control model, form an industrial finance service system with We characteraretics, and provide professional financial services based on the industrial chain to the society as well.