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PPGL Steel

Product Introduction of PPGL Steel

Ppgl steel is a durable, colorful and economical building material. It is the abbreviation of pre coated galvanized steel. It takes aluminized zinc steel plate as the base material. Then, the aluminum zinc coated steel plate is continuously painted in the form of coils. Because of its excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance, it has become the preferred material for a wide range of building applications, especially roof and wall. Wanzhi has exported its products to many countries around the world, such as Nigeria, Kenya, Turkey, Spain, Poland and so on. Please contact us for details!

Colour Coated Galvalume Coil

PPGL Steel Sheets


Below are some basic parameters for your reference.

ItemPrepainted Galvalume Steel
SubstrateGL (galvalume iron)
Thickness0.12 mm -1.2 mm
Width600 mm -1,250 mm
LengthUpon your requirements
CoatingsPE, SMP, HDP, PVDF
ColorsAs per RAL Color (custom patterns are available)
Monthly Production5,000-10,000 tons
PackageStandard Export Package


Ppgl sheet and coil are widely used in many fields like ppgi steel, including
1. Construction industry, such as roof, wallboard, garage, ceiling, partition wall, etc.
2. Vehicle manufacturing industry, such as muffler, exhaust pipe, wiper accessories, fuel tank, truck box, etc.
3. Panel of household appliance industry, such as refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner, electronic microwave oven, electrical cabinet, etc.
4. Agricultural uses, such as greenhouses, chicken houses, stables, hay houses, barns and greenhouses.

Advantages of PPGL Steel

1. Excellent corrosion resistance

Due to the 55% aluminum content, the corrosion resistance of ppgl is much better than that of ppgi, which can greatly prolong the service life.

2. Good thermal reflectance

Good heat resistance can keep buildings cool in hot summer.

3. Strong weather resistance

Pre coated galvanized steel sheet can resist severe weather conditions, such as extreme summer, winter or rainfall.

4. Good processability

Wanzhi Steel’s ppgl steel plate is easy to process, such as shearing, profiling, blanking, etc.

5. Beautiful appearance

They look attractive and impressive, with pleasant surface treatment and beauty.

Surface Coating Content

The coating composition of PPGI usually refers to the uniform zinc element.The coating composition of PPGL is usually 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% trace elements. Since the surface of the aluminum-zinc plate is an alloy plating layer, the chemical performance is much more stable than that of the base plate.


PPGI has a higher finish and looks more beautiful. PPGL steel coils have a higher finish than PPGI steel coils.


PPGL has higher corrosion resistance. If there are corrosion spots, the corrosion will spread on the PPGL board, but it will not spread on the PPGI board.


Because the performance of PPGL is higher than PPGI, the price of PPGL is higher than PPGI.

Need To Pay Attention To

When you need PPGL products, please try to use corrosion paint immediately after cutting to prevent the corrosion from spreading.

Tips Before Buying PPGL Products:

In order to offer you the best price as soon as possible, we need more information from you. Please confirm the detailed specifications of pre-painted galvalume steel, including thickness, width, color, sheets or coils, etc., and how many tons you need. If you are not sure, please inform us of the details below.

1. What will you use the material for?

2. Where will you use it? Is it corrosive?

3. How is the weather? Is it often sunny, windy, or rainy?

4. How many tons of PPGL steel do you need?


The corrosion resistance of stainless steel coils decreases as the carbon content increases. Therefore, the carbon content of most stainless steels is low, up to 1.2%, and some steels have a low ωC (carbon content) of even less than 0.03% (such as 00Cr12). The main alloying element in stainless steel coil is Cr (chromium). Only when the Cr content reaches a certain value, the steel has corrosion resistance. Therefore, the goods Cr (chromium) content of at least 10.5%. Stainless steel coil also contains Ni, Ti, Mn, N, Nb, Mo, Si, Cu and other elements.

Most of the requirements for use are to maintain the original appearance of the building for a long time. In determining which type of goods to choose, the main considerations are the required aesthetic standards, the corrosiveness of the local atmosphere and the cleaning system to be used. However, other applications are increasingly seeking structural integrity or impermeability. Examples include roofs and sidewalls of industrial buildings. In these applications, construction cost to the owner may be more important than aesthetics, and the surface may not be very clean. The use of 304 stainless steel coils in dry interior environments is quite effective.

Weldability. Different product uses have different requirements for weldability. A class of tableware generally does not require weldability, even including some cookware companies. However, most products require raw materials with good weldability, such as second-class tableware, insulation cups, steel pipes, water heaters, water dispensers, etc.


Corrosion resistance. Most stainless steel coil products require good corrosion resistance, such as Class I or Class II tableware, kitchen utensils, water heaters, water dispensers, etc.


Polishing performance. In today’s society, stainless steel coil products in the production process are generally polished, only a few products such as water heaters, drinking fountains, etc. do not need to be polished. Therefore, this requires raw materials with good polishing performance.

1. The need for pre-treatment
Pretreatment is an important treatment step before the surface of stainless steel coil parts enter surface treatment (including pickling, chemical polishing and electrochemical polishing, electroplating, passivation, black coating, coloring, chemical treatment, etc.). During the forming process of goods parts, the surface may adhere to oil stains, burrs, rough surfaces and oxides. Therefore, before surface treatment, oil stains, burrs, uneven surfaces and oxides must be removed in order to obtain subsequent satisfactory results through processing.

2. Treatment of removed dirt

Stainless steel coil surface pretreatment in the need to remove the dirt can be divided into two categories: organic and inorganic substances.

(1) organic dirt. Including mineral oil (such as diesel, oil, paraffin, gypsum, etc.) and animal oil, vegetable oil (such as soybean oil, camellia oil, rapeseed oil, lard, butter, etc.). These oils are mainly from the stainless steel coil zero cattle processing process used in the lubricant. , cutting oil, quenching oil, polishing paste and polishing paste, and fingerprints.

(2) Inorganic dirt. Including dirt, dust particles, oxides and other contaminants generated during the heat treatment process.

3. Pretreatment steps for stainless steel coil parts

(1) The surface is mechanically leveled. Eliminate the roughness of the stainless steel coil surface, through mechanical polishing and grinding to achieve a surface finish.

(2) Degreasing. Remove the surface oil and dirt.

(3) Acid washing. Remove the oxides on the surface.

(4) Weak corrosion. Activates the surface to be treated, removes the surface passivation film, and exposes the metal crystal structure.

Stainless steel is a high-alloy steel, with a large resistance to rolling deformation. In order to carry out high-efficiency and high-precision rolling, rigid rolling mills should be used, generally multi-roller cold rolling mill.


Special welding process is also a feature of cold-rolled stainless steel coil production.


In the production process of cold rolled stainless steel coil, the raw material (hot rolled coil) should be annealed, intermediate annealing should be carried out in the cold rolling process, and the final product should be annealed, so annealing is an important part of the production.


Cold-rolled stainless steel is a high-grade steel products, there are strict requirements for surface quality. Not only are metallurgical defects caused by the previous process not allowed, but also obvious defects caused by the cold rolling process.

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