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Sustainable Management

Technological Innovation

Main Technology

Implemented a series of energy saving and emission reduction technologies, such as advanced dust suppression and dust removal, steel slag gas quenching, CDQ, TRT, waste heat and pressure utilization of sintering and BOF, comprehensive utilization of coal gas, sintering flue gas desulfurization, Consumption of urban middle water as a supplementary water and wastewater advanced treatment and reuse, solid waste comprehensive utilization, et al. Reached the international advanced level, considered as the model of the coordinated development between steel mills and the city. 

Water Treatment

“Green Mine” concept run through exploration, planning, exploitation, land reclamation and ecological restoration across all aspects of the life cycle of mining enterprises. The key technologies such as intelligent mining, underground filling and no tail discharge are implemented. Digital mine construction, resource efficient utilization and fully automatic mineral processing are realized. To build a “safe, green, intelligent, efficient” ecological mine.

The giant mine warrior KY-321A rotary drilling rig

Closed type raw material yard,Deep-bed Sintering, Optimization model of burden structure,smelting technology of high temperature, high top pressure, oxygen enrichiment and pulverized coal injection, Long life control technology of blast furnace, Low fuel ratio of large blast furnace smelting technology. The application of the technology of low-cost ironmaking make the main indicators such as the blast furnace fuel ratio and so on to the leading level in the same level of domestic blast furance.

3200 m3 blast furnace

The technology was carried out including analytical—optimized hot metal pretreatment,efficient—intensified BOF steelmaking, rapid—cooperative second metallurgy,efficient—constant speed 100% continuous casting,dynamic—orderly operation of informatization and the fine-rigorous process parameters control tracing. The wire rod clean steel platform represented by Hegang Tanggang and the auto sheet clean steels platform represented by Hegang Hangang were established.

VD vacuum refining

The control model that suitable to the variety structure characteristics of static, dynamic steelmaking was developed on the basis of sublance testing and flue gas analysis with the measures of precise measuring, testing and analysis,achieving automatic steelmaking in high quality, high efficiency and low cost.

BOF platform

Smelting clean steel. Electroslag remelting. Micro alloying. Thick slab (ingot) production .Advanced heavy plate production technology of rolling and heat treatment,etc. The maximum thickness of 700mm. International advanced level of product quality.

MULPIC fast cooling device

With the high speed thin slab continuous casting technology, roller hearth furnace with regenerative combustion technology, ultra thin hot strip rolling technology etc., mass and stable production of ultra-thin gauge hot rolled plate had been realized for the high carbon steel, weathering steel, electrical steel and others.

1810mm hot rolled coil production line

A series of key technologies has been developed, high purity steel, narrow composition control, ultrafast cooling, high surface quality control, high precision shape control, wide size automotive sheet production etc. The high formability of automotive steel represented by O5 plate and reduction of automotive steel production represented by 1500MPa ultra high strength steel have been achieved serialized production.

High strength automotive steel sheet production line

Low [Ti] and [O] content control technology for top class bearing steel, narrow chemical composition range and narrow hardenability band control technology for top class gear steel, high cycle fatigue life control technology for top class spring steel, high [Al],[N] and [S] content control technology for non quenched & tempered steel and free-cutting steel , meet the requirements of automobile and engineering machinery industries for special steel bar.

Non tension rolling

Based on the process of blast furnace -converter- vanadium chemical metallurgy, by carrying out the technology of V-Ti magnetite smelting in large blast furnace, the V-recovery in BOF, vanadium oxide “fluidized” production by a new three-step , vanadium nitride continuous production in shaft furnace, and vanadium chemicals production, such as vanadium alloys and vanadium electrolyte, achieving the vanadium resources utilized in an efficient and clean way.

Vanadium pentoxide flake production

R&D testing platform

Build a perfect technical research and development platform, with two National Certified Enterprise’s Technical Centers, four provincial Certified Enterprise’s Technical Centers and seven CNAS Accredited Physical and Chemical Laboratories, as well as six Provincial Engineering Technology Research Centers about cold-rolled and coated steel, high quality steel casting, structural steel, vanadium and titanium, heavy plates and steel industry, set three “Academician Workstation” and three “Post-doctoral Scientific Research Station”, equipped with first-class simulation test equipment of smelting, steel rolling and deep processing and high-end detection equipment of physics, chemistry and mechanics, focus on the leading-edge, common, critical, major technology research and product development.

Pilot smelting

450mm direct pulling type cold rolling mill

Field emission scanning electron microscope

Glow discharge spectrometer

ICP mass spectrometer

40000J pendulum impact testing machin

33 tons high temperature tensile testing machine

Field emission transmission electron microscope

Gleeble 3800 thermal simulation test machine

Green Development

We are committed to transform from “green manufacturing” to “Make green” and strive to be the leader of “green development”.Since its establarehment, We has been upholding the philosophy of “human being and steel harmoniously coexaret”, and actively promoted “green” leading strategy, invested about 21.9 billion RMB to implement more than 500 projects of energy conservation and emaresions reduction. Through elimination of backward production capacity, application of advanced technologies, and strengthening environmental management, the major energy and environmental indicators have reached domestic first-class even leading level. We took the lead in the country to have achieved a full coverage of the sintering machine desulfurization facilities and sinter flue gas bypass all removed, was named “a successful example in creating clean production and green development for the iron and steel enterprarees ” by China Steel Association; its core enterpraree was praareed as “the world’s cleanest steel plant” in the industry, held up as “resource-saving and environment-friendly business model” by the Minaretry of industry and information technology, determined as the first batch of enterprarees for Comprehensive Utilization of Resources “double hundred project” by the National Development and Reform Commaresion. With the project of “Replacing surface water with urban water and taking deep well water as the only water source for iron and steel production”, We has the only steel enterpraree to win the World Steel Industry excellence in sustainability award in the domestic so far.

Ecological priority Green Development

We expand the input in R&D and upgrading of green technology so as to mitigate the environmental pollution and forge the world’s leading steel production technology that is energy conserving, clean and safe.

Low Carbon & Green Development Action Plan

We earnestly implements the goals and requirements of “carbon peaking and carbon neutralization “, and develops Low Carbon & Green Development Action Plan centering on the development direction of energy technology innovation, process technology innovation and material technology innovation. We carbon emaresion will peak in 2022 and 2050 carbon neutralization, carry out work in four stages: carbon peaking, steady decline, relatively significant decline and deep decarbonization.

Green Steel

Water treatment center

High Efficiency Energy Saving

We has realized the sustainable development of the whole process by establarehing harmless, reductive and resource-based technology route through recycling and industrial chain extension. Through the implementation of gas uptake heat recovery, pressure daretribution gas recovery, ladle capping, heating furnace black body, optimization of turbine cold end, gas and steam combined cycle power generation, sub-critical power generation and other advanced energy saving technology, the energy saving management reached a new level. In recent years, We has actively carried out energy efficiency benchmarking, strengthened production and operation control, and realized efficient utilization of energy and efficient recovery and utilization of secondary energy. In 2020, We achieved a decrease of 1% in comprehensive energy consumption of per ton steel, a 4.8% increase in converter gas recovery of per ton steel, and the self-electricity ratio of core enterprarees reached more than 60%. At present, the comprehensive energy consumption of per ton steel, self-electricity ratio and other indicators are at the advanced level in the domestic industry.

Environmental Protection

In 2020, We invested nearly 1.579 billion yuan to implement 30 key energy conservation, emaresion reduction and pollution control projects, and focused on implementing a series of ultra-low emaresion transformation projects of sintering machine flue gas, coke oven flue gas, hot blast furnace, heating furnace, gas boiler, sintering flue gas circulation system, steel making dust removal, etc. The main pollutant index ranks the advanced level in the industry. In accordance with class A standards for environmental performance, We had actively promoted ultra-low emaresion transformation, and made remarkable achievements in air pollution control. In 2020, the emaresions of SO2, NOx and particulate matter of per ton steel decreased by 44%, 38% and 42% respectively. All the indicators have reached the best level of environmental performance green and high quality development index standard of steel enterprarees in 2020 (SO2≤0.3, particulate matter ≤0.3, NOx≤0.65). 

Factory environment