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Extruded Aluminium TubePipe
Extruded Aluminium Tube/Pipe
Aluminium Micro-channel Tube
Aluminium Micro-Channel Tube

Seamless Aluminium Tube

At CHAL Aluminium Corporation, we adopt various operations of value-added steps to produce the highest quality seamless aluminium tube to meet customer’s requirements. Seamless aluminium tubes can be produced in a variety of different sizes and shapes from a wide range of aluminium alloys.

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Seamless Aluminium Tube
Seamless Aluminium Tube
Seamless Aluminium Tube
Seamless Aluminium Tube
Weather-Resistant Steel Coil
Seamless Aluminium Tube

Product Details of Seamless Aluminium Tube

Products Name

Seamless Aluminum Tube/Pipe

(extruded seamless tube and drawn seamless tube)


Outer Diameter

 8~ Φ280mm

Wall Thickness

 0.1~ 20mm

Alloy Grade

2011, 2024, 3003, 5052, 6061, 6063, 7075, etc.

Surface Treatment

1) Mill finished

2) Anodizing: shiny anodized, frosty anodized

3) Electrophoretic coating: shiny electrophoretic, frosty electrophoretic

4) Electrophoretic colour powder coating: normal colour, special colour

5) Fluorocarbon powder spraying: normal colour, special paper

6) Polished

Product Show of Seamless Aluminium Tube
Factory Show of Seamless Aluminium Tube
Packing Shipping of Seamless Aluminium Tube
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