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Global Shipping Is Facing The Biggest CrisisIn 65 Years

Affected by the rebound of the epidemic, port congestion in many places has intensified again. Some media said that the current repeated epidemic may make the global shipping system face the biggest crisis in 65 years. The Financial Times reported that 353 container ships were lining up outside ports around the world, more than twice as many as in the same period last year.

As the Golden Week is approaching, another wave of price increases has arrived, and many shipping companies have once again announced the increase of various congestion charges!

1. Maersk raises terminal operating fees and cold box charges

Maersk issued an announcement a few days ago announcing that they will adjust the Terminal Handling Service – Origin (OHC)/Destination (DHC) – Manila,PH to/from World for all containers.
The charges are increased by US$178 per 20-foot dry container, US$229 per 40-foot dry container, US$260 per 45-foot high container, and US$214/275 per 20-foot/40-foot cold container. The new fee will take effect on September 15.

2. Mediterranean Sea Shipping charges a congestion surcharge

Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) recently stated that it will charge a congestion surcharge for cargo from southern China and Hong Kong to the United States and Canada.
Specific fees include: 800 US dollars per 20-foot container, 1,000 US dollars per 40-foot container, 1125 US dollars per 40-foot tall container, and 1266 US dollars per 45-foot container. The fee applies to all container types, and the effective date is September 1 (the date of unloading at the port of destination).

3. CMA CGM levies overweight surcharge to South America East

In order to continue to provide customers with reliable and efficient services, CMA CGM has notified the levy of an overweight surcharge (OWS) from Asia and India to the east coast of South America, effective from September 5, 2021, until further notice.
FROM: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong and Macau, India to the east coast of South America
Levy standard: USD 300/20-foot dry container, gross weight of the container is equal to or more than 18 tons

4. Sinotrans adjusted its Japan route CIC on August 27

Sinotrans decided to adjust the unbalanced surcharge CIC of Shanghai export containers for the goods on the Japanese route from the voyage starting on August 27……

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